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Our Services » VIP Air Taxi

We have been serving in every field for 34 years as Turkey's first private air taxi company. We provide 24 hours services with this great experience.


Nowadays the time is very important and the people compete with the time. Sancakair makes your life easier. We can pick you up whenever and wherever you want and with a great comfort, speed and safe we can drop you wherever you want.

We provide this service with our highly skilled pilots. Our pilots had served successfully for Turkish Armed Forces for years in every possible helicopter mission. They have 5000 to 12000 hours of flight experience. All our pilots are selected carefully. They are also introductor.

Helicopter Type Engine Options Passenger Capacity Average Speed 1 Hour Fee
Passenger Transportation Photo & Video Recording
Bell 206 B3 Single Engine 3 PAX 160 KM/h EUR.    950 + TAX EUR. 1.000 + TAX
Bell 206 B3 "With Floats" Single Engine 3 PAX 160 KM/h EUR.    950 + TAX EUR. 1.300 + TAX
Bell 206 L3 Single Engine 4 PAX 180 KM/h EUR. 1.250 + TAX EUR. 1.300 + TAX
Bell 430 Double Engine 6 PAX 250 KM/h EUR.3.000 + TAX EUR. 3.500 + TAX

EMS Services: Taking Pictures and Recording Videos in the Air:

Taking Pictures and Recording Videos out of helicopters are beneficial. Because;

  • You can advertise your buildings and estates detaily.
  • You can see the estates, vehicles and land that you've got as a whole.
  • You can make better plan for the land, road and localization that you will work.
  • You can add action and visulaity to your films, series and clips.
  • You can catch every events as a whole on the air.

We provide taking photo and recording video on the air to all sectors.

Touristic Trip Flight

Let's show you our beautiful country in the air. See the details that you can not see on the ground without getting tired and loosing time on the traffic.

Special Days

Some special days shouldn't be forgotten. Don't you want to propose your loved ones? Dont you want to celebrate your birthday in the air? Don't you want to make a Bosphorus trip with your children as a gift for them? Let's make your special days meaningful.

Air Cargo

Dont delay your works because of the transportation of a small piece. We can deliver your cargo without any risk of loosing and breaking.

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